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The Avenue is an innovative diamond jewellery brand providing high end luxury jewellery at affordable prices. Why can’t everyone own natural diamonds? The reason is, there are no jewellers offering diamonds at low prices. All jewellers purchase their stock from similar suppliers which mean they cannot supply the diamonds at these prices. Here at The Avenue, we source, cut and polish our own diamonds and manufacture the jewellery ourselves. We strive to see everyone enjoy the lustre and sparkle of these natural stones.

Website: TheAvenueJewellers.co.uk


TheAvenueJewellers products belongs to real world needs of daily usage, hence needed to match requirment of product of every age and every person. Beside the representation it also needed a system to fulfil bulk of order they were getting smoothly.


We worked with the design team to realise the designs to beauty product pages. With pixel-perfect vision we created Magento themes for each unique product of TheAvenueJewellers.


After delivering absolute solution respective to their requirement TheAvenueJewellers team is very satisfied and also they got very good customers.

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